2010 Film Festival Winners

November 16, 2010

Best Feature: “The Tell Tale Heart” by Jeff Yanik

Best Short Film: “Not Human” by Arturo Portillo

Best Mini Film: “Angling” by Oscar Zamora & Victor Zeppelin

Best Documentary Feature: “In Place Out of Time” by Erin Hudson

Best Documentary Short: “Lee Belle Johnson; the Life and Times of a Cowboy Poet” by La Vern Walker

Best Mini Doc: “The Last Wild Ride” by Julie Durham

Best Actor: Stephen Brockaway “The Tell Tale Heart”

Best Supporting Actor: Angel Herrera “Not Human”

Best Actress: (tie) Kathryn Forrest “The Making Of” & Amanda Heredia “The Making Of”

Best Supporting Actress: Maria Sigmon “The Making Of”

Congratulations and Thank You to EVERYONE who entered!

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